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Fandom Update is Updatey

Okay, so hi there LJers, it's mostly been a while! *waves in the unlikely event that anybody is still reading this forlornly empty journal*

I've just updated my fanfic recs list for the first time in forever. I... am not in SPN fandom any more. After a whole year of the blahs I finally gave up watching around 9.09, and although I kept uploading new fics to my Kindle, I can't help noticing that I keep skipping over them in favour of Teen Wolf, so unless architeuthis or obstinatrix come back, the meagre updates to the SPN fic recs lists are probably going to be the last ones I make in that fandom. Sad day, yadda yadda.

Teen Wolf, however... well, the show has its problems (so many hanging threads and abandoned storylines! so many plot holes!), but I heart Stiles SO FREAKING HARD and the fanfic is just awesome, so whatevs. There is now an entire Teen Wolf section in my recs list, and it is long and only gonna get longer, and it is mostly Sterek** (sorry, poisontaster! And what isn't Sterek is mostly you!!). I may even update it regularly! We shall see.

It does sorta grieve me that Teen Wolf fandom does not seem to be happening on LJ. I think it's mostly over on Tumblr, and I have tried and failed to understand how the fuck that horrible thing works. (WTH is that user interface?? How does it work? What do you click? Argh!) So I'm back to downloading shitloads of fic from AO3 and pining for the full fandom experience.

** Yes, I know there is almost no canonic backup for the pairing. No, I don't care. There is all the lovely age gap and opposites-attract and werewolf and virgin (well, not any more) and first times and knotting and magic (abandoned storyline that should not have been abandoned) and DID I MENTION AGE GAP??? stuff, and the fic makes me very happy indeed. IN MY PANTS.