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My Fic & Mix Master List

There ain't that many of them yet, but... yeah, well, have at it. Headers and warnings are at the top of each fic, just click on the link. Lots of different pairings, because I'm a fickle hoor, and apparently I can hardly ever write my canon OTP, or repeat a pairing/grouping more than once in six months unless it's Jeff/Jensen *shakes head at self in despair*. Also, it looks like I'm constitutionally incapable of writing anything whatsoever that doesn't have either Dean or Jensen in it. Um.


Sex Education, Winchester Style
Dean/OMC, underage!voyeur!Sammy. NC-17. 932 words. Some dark, burly guy has Dean backed up against the wall, which would normally be cause for concern - but Sam's walked in on Dean and his one-night-stands often enough to know what Dean's sex-face looks like.

The Devil You Know
Sam/Dean. NC-17. 1,751 words. Sam is cursed with a demonic looking tail, horns, and clawed hands, which Dean finds surprisingly hot. (He's not the only one...)

Losing at Poker
Dean/Castiel. NC-17. 1,306 words. Dean needs to stop losing at poker to Sammy, cos his little brother turned into one sick puppy when he wasn't looking, and lately the forfeits are some fucked-up shit.

6.10 Coda (Caged Heat)
Dean/Castiel. NC-17(ish). 427 words. 6x10 episode tag where Cas comes with more questions about the porn and the kissing and whatnot.

Backroom Boyfriend
Dean/Gabriel. NC-17. 1,608 words. Gabriel's idea of "going undercover" leaves a lot to be desired, and Dean's in for a wild night!

Blood Sugar Sex Magick
John/Dean. NC-17. 2,458 words. When Sam gets hit by a curse, just how far are John and Dean willing to go to save him?

Under My Skin
Dean/Sam. AU. NC-17. 1,830 words. Sam only went into the tattoo parlour to keep Brady company. He never expected the rest of it... any of it.

Red Rag To A Bull
Dean/OFC. NC-17. 682 words. Dean doesn't mind a little blood with his sex.

Supernatural RPF


Any Other Day
AU. NC-17. 797 words. First time, D/S. Jeff's day has not at all gone to plan, but some things are just meant to be.

Cabin Fever
H/C. NC-17. 1,566 words. Jensen's all set to do something about his epic crush on Jeff this weekend; but by the time he arrives at the cabin, he's feeling godawful.

Strike A Pose
AU. NC-17. 1,555 words. Photographer Jeff gets blind-sided by Jensen, an underwear model with a wild streak.

The Victor & His Spoils
AU. NC-17. 2,420 words. Military commander Jeff inherits a body slave when he stages a military coup on some backwater planet. A very beautiful and hopelessly touch-starved body slave. Woe is Jeff.

No Holds Barred
AU. NC-17. 2,280 words. Under space law, a ship is sovereign territory, and a captain can do what he likes with a stowaway. Put him to work, brig him, enslave him. Jensen may have had his reasons for stowing away, but this time he's jumped out of the frying pan, and into the fire. Dub-con.

Settling In (sequel to No Holds Barred). AU. PG-13. Jensen & Samantha Ferris. Sam's helping Jensen settle into his new life as Jeff's body slave.

The Boy
Jeff/Jensen. AU. NC-17. 2,950 words. Teen Jensen's staying with his best friend Danny and his lone father for the weekend. Jensen hasn't come out yet, but he's not as subtle as he thinks - and Jeff's only human. Underage.

The Eye Of The Beholder
Jeff/Jensen. AU. PG-13. 898 words. Jensen is the nude model for Jeff's life class. The way the kid's posed - well, let's say the view is mouth-watering. And that's an understatement that would make an Englishman proud.

Mid-life Crisis
Jeff/Jensen. NC-17. 434 words. D/S. It may have snuck up on him unexpectedly in his forties, to smack him upside the head and smash his sexual identity into incomprehensible shards, but my God, Jeff wants this.

Jeff/Jensen. AU. NC-17. 1,206 words. Space-fic loosely based in the Firefly universe. Jobless, homeless, destitute, and stranded at the ass-end of the galaxy. Oh, and his fiancee is dead. Mail-order spouse Jensen's having a really bad day.

American Beauty
Jeff/Jensen. AU. NC-17. 1,799 words. D/S hooker!fic. JDM calls up hooker!Jensen for a good time. It turns out way hotter than he expected!

Morgan's Booty
Jeff/Jensen. AU. NC-17. 1,635 words. Dub-con. Pirate AU. When Capt Morgan takes Jensen captive, he's rather taken with the innocent lad and employs a bit of seduction and manipulation to get Jensen into his bunk. A ridiculous, purple-prose bodice-ripper. Errrrr.

Jeff/Jensen. NC-17. 1,079 words. D/S kink. When Jensen asked for this, he had no idea what a storm it was gonna unleash.

What Sunday Mornings Were Made For
Jeff/Jensen. NC-17. 938 words. Rimming porn. Jeff knows how to make Jensen yell the house down.

Secretary!verse (J3)

James Spader, Eat Your Heart Out
J3-AU, girl?Jensen. NC-17. 1,650 words. Jeff and Jared get assigned a hot new secretary. They both want Jenny, and it looks like she's a pricktease to boot.

Take A Memo, Miss Ackles
J3-AU, girl?Jensen. NC-17. 3,027 words. Jeff and Jared are busy re-enacting Secretary in the office with Jenny, their gorgeous assistant, when they make a surprising discovery about her. They run with it. ETA: 17/3/11 This fic was voted Runner-Up in the RPF-J3 category of the No Rest For The Wicked Awards, Round 5! Wheee!! \o/

Working For The Man
J3-AU, girl?Jensen. NC-17. 1,622 words. Jenny and Jared are right where Jeff wants them - which, today, means knickerless and under his thumb. And he's fixing to push Jared all the way past his limits. Jenny's only too happy to help him with that.

Other RPS Pairings

Cosmic Love
Misha/Vicki/Jensen. NC-17. 1,205 words. Misha and Vicki coax Jensen into one of their threesomes. Vicki knows what Misha likes, so she gives Jensen instructions.

The Pillow Book of Jared Padalecki
J2. NC-17. 670 words. Jensen thinks Jared could use a little culture.

When Jensen Meets Bigfoot
J2-AU. NC-17. 2,051 words. Jensen gets drunk at a party, pulls the Abominable Snowman, and reassesses his dating pool.

Supernatural Fanmixes

Impala Roadtrip
19 tracks of old-school classic rock; the stuff I imagine John playing on loop in the Impala while Dean & Sam were growing up.

Podfics for Other People

The Last Snowfall by ruuger. Original fic here. Discworld, gen. Death and Granny have one final talk. 4m05s.


Downloadable versions of all fics are available on AO3.

Also, I'm trying to improve my writing and I adore feedback, so don't hesitate to make with the comments and concrit - even on months-old fic! I promise to reply.



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Oct. 9th, 2010 10:01 pm (UTC)
You're not a pervert. You're our pervert!
Oct. 10th, 2010 03:19 pm (UTC)
Absofuckinlutely!! XD
Apr. 17th, 2011 04:14 am (UTC)
i love everything here.
Apr. 18th, 2011 09:29 am (UTC)
Keysmash! I made somebody keysmash! *skips*
Apr. 26th, 2011 05:40 pm (UTC)
i mean, i'm not sure how else to respond to so much awesome in text otherwise -
Jan. 31st, 2012 04:39 pm (UTC)
I just came to check out your journal after seeing you claim "Strike A Pose" to say thank you again for filling my prompt. It was perfect, and I loved every word of it. And I realised that you wrote also wrote for one of my prompts in the last round. So I'm off to work my way through your masterlist and fic recs, so much great fic to catch up on.
Jan. 31st, 2012 09:57 pm (UTC)
You're very welcome - it was a great prompt, and I had a ton of fun writing it! XD Which of your prompts did I fill last round?

Have fun with the master list! -- I've got a never-ending recs list too, which (if you're not stuck on an OTP) will keep you out of mischief for months!
Feb. 2nd, 2012 05:45 am (UTC)
It was the prompt for No Holds Barred, I have a bit of a thing for JDM/JA in space. So I loved that you and another writer picked up that touched starved prompt at blindfold, and I got a great fic from dragonspell for another space prompt.

I love your rec lists, and jumped straight on the one for Blood Ties, as I'm always looking for new fic in that fandom, great vids you recced there, and thanks for reccing my fic.

Edited at 2012-02-02 05:46 am (UTC)
Feb. 2nd, 2012 08:35 am (UTC)
No Holds Barred! I loved that prompt so much! ... Did you notice on the list above that I wrote a sequel for it? Settling In.

Also, there was a third fic inspired by your space prompt for this round - Small Mercies. I think it only got posted on jeff_jensen and not blindfold_spn, probably because there were already two fills there.

You write awesome prompts! XD
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