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So, I got really, really fed up with trying (failing miserably) to grow my nails to a reasonable length so I could do fun manis without looking like a scruffy tween who bites her nails. And it's my birthday in a couple of weeks. And I get mates-rates at the beauty salon where my cousin works; add all that up, and you get acrylic extensions.Collapse )


Happy Early Birthday to Me!!

Last week, my beloved salmon_man sidled up to me and said, "What are you doing next Wednesday night? Because I'm taking you out. Early birthday pressie. Very early." And I went, oooh!, and she offered to tell me what we'd be doing, and I said I'd wait to find out. And then I was VERY, VERY GOOD and refrained from checking the local arts listings to guess at what it could be.

It was bound to be arts-based, because that's what we mostly do for evenings out, and relatively staid (because her Mum was coming with us, and 80-something and very ladylike, so). Which does actually still give a ton of options on any given day, because Birmingham is a lot more cosmopolitan and culturally-minded than the rest of Britain gives us credit for - and because me and salmon_man have pretty much run the gamut of arty stuff in the ~15 years we've been friends. Gigs by the dozen. Poetry readings and spoken word. Every major art exhibition going, with a few guided museum tours for good measure. Ballet. Yarn-bombing installations. Musical theatre. You name it...

So I met her and her Mum at the train station, and they finally let me in on the secret.



I couldn't believe it. If she'd taken me to a matinee, I'd have guessed at ballet right away, but I'd completely discounted it as an evening option because SO GODDAMN EXPENSIVE since the recession put paid to arts grants. I fucking love the ballet, and I so rarely get to go any more. Also, MATTHEW FUCKING BOURNE. Dude is a minor deity. While being completely down-to-earth and not the slightest bit of a diva. And the man himself was there to introduce proceedings. *fangirls hugely*

I can't even count the ways I love Matthew Bourne's work. He is just on a wavelength that I get. He does quirky, edgy and innovative shows that hit my tastes right slap in the middle. Sleeping Beauty with a gothed-up vampire dude as the evil fairy, HOW IS THAT NOT AWESOME? And he creates tons of completely awesome parts for male dancers, a concept which pretty much turns trad ballet on its head (HIS TAKE ON DORIAN GRAY. MASTERPIECE. I will never get over the blindingly hot homoerotic photography scene in that one.) ...And it might not hurt that he's G.A.Y. with rainbows and sparkles on top and fills his company with blindingly hot guys who, to a man, ping my gaydar so high they can hear it in Soho. I mean, ballet is pretty gay anyway and always has been, but it's not usually quite so loud and proud. I fucking love it.

I just... I flat-out adored every fricken second of it. I want to go back and do it again. I WAS ALL CHOKED UP AND *THIS* CLOSE TO ACTUALLY SOBBING WHEN THE CURTAIN CAME UP, THAT'S HOW GOOD IT WAS.

salmon_man. Friend of the Year. We may only be five weeks in, but I'm calling it already. Nothing is gonna top this. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

(NB: This was actually written over a week ago, and LJ ate it when I tried to post it. I could've cried, and it was midnight, and I didn't have the spoons or heart to try and recreate it, so I went to bed. But I just found a draft of it that LJ seems to have saved somehow, so wheeeeeee!!!!)


Bling Nails and Indie Polishes

This is getting a little out of hand. Over the holidays, I went shopping -again-, and I painted my nails. A lot.

Picture heavy; probably only of interest to embroiderama and poisontaster...Collapse )


Nail Flail

Well, colour me gobsmacked. Ever since my current nail obsession started, I've been wailing to people that I wish the UK had a place like Sally's that had, y'know, good nail stuff (rather than the stuff in most shops here, which is all either teen bling or dull-and-matronly, with very little in between). And then yesterday, I went to my hometown to deliver the family's gifts - I'm away visiting friends for the actual holiday this year - and THERE WAS A SALLY'S THERE. I screeched to a halt, did a sharp right turn, and was through the door in seconds. EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Turns out I was completely wrong about them not having a base over here - the assistant told me they have a ton of branches around the country, but there's only one in my city which is right out the other side in a suburb I never go to/through, and the one in my hometown is quite new. Must just be my own bad luck never to have come across one of them before! So, of course I spent money...

The HaulCollapse )


In which I blather about nails again

I had a play with various types of mani this week, where I did a different style for each nail but with the same colours (the BN nail bloggers have a word for this, but middle age has eaten my memory for names, so). EDIT: poisontaster to the rescue, it's a skittles manicure!

Pic under the cut, if you care one whit about the state of my nail polishCollapse )


Leopard Print Nail Art

I've been completely obsessed with my nails/manicure recently, sparked off by poisontaster and embroiderama's forays into the realm of nail art. I'm nowhere near as good at it as they are (especially poisontaster, omg), nor do I have nice, shapely nails to show off - but I don't care. Pritty, shiny colours!! On my nails, just for me!!

So, last night, I followed the video tutorial for leopard-print nails at Chalkboard Nails, and what I got was this:

Piccies under the cut if you want 'em...Collapse )


Geeky Fangirls - Best Company Ever

So, I have a wolfrider89 staying overnight, and we are having So Much Freaking Fun. This afternoon we pretty much bought Boots out of sparkly, funky nail polishes, and then spent forever squeeing at each other over all the geeky fangirly shit in Forbidden Planet. Moomintroll tote bags! Game of Thrones mugs! Stormtrooper and Darth Vader ice cube trays! Faux-leather-bound Firefly companion books! (And OMFG the latter is SOOOOOO going on my Xmas list - my brother earns a ton, he can buy it me...)

Then we came home and put on The Matrix, for old times' sake, and quoted all the quotable lines at each other, and giggled and squeed, and it was marvellous. Tonight she's gone to a gig with my best friend salmon_man (serendipity - they were both going separately, so). And tomorrow we're going to the German Christmas Market, and probably the Art Gallery to see the Pre-Raphaelite Collection.

tl:dr - fangirls are FUN.



Reminder to self: Never, EVER, put your Kindle down mid-fic when the Ageing Parents are around. Otherwise, this is what happens:

Dad: Can you transfer this music from my laptop to my flash drive, please?
Me: Course. *puts down Kindle* *plays with Dad's lappie*
Dad: Huh, looks like Dean's having a Good Time! *waggles eyebrows suggestively*
Dad: *smirk*
Me: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

What? You wanna know what he was reading? Samskeyti, by brokentoy. Dean/Castiel, and I was right in the middle of the final, hawwwwt sex scene, thus:

"Dean knows now that Castiel had only been protecting himself and what he was feeling, but at the moment all he wants is watch and memorize and never forget how Castiel looks when he’s coming all over himself; he wants this to be the first memory of a new start.

With a swift roll of his body Dean moves them until Castiel is straddling him, his long, lean body arched in pleasure as the angle changes, his dick pulsing out a fat drop of precome. He’s so beautiful Dean can’t do anything but pull him down and kiss him deep again, bite gently at his bottom lip and suck it into his mouth.

In the end it doesn’t take them long, both too hyped up to hope to make it last. Castiel comes untouched with Dean as deep inside him as he will go, their eyes locked, lips barely touching, and Dean follows right after."

I just. IDEK. I'm not sure whether he read enough of it to realize that Castiel is not a girl's name; I'm guessing not, or I would have expected him to not let it drop so fast. Whatever. Brain bleach, now. *grabbyhands*

I Like Your Pants Around Your Feet

Just got back from seeing Nickelback at the NIA, and OMG THEY ROCKED. RAWWWWKED, I TELL YOU. Played every single one of my favourites, and the whole place was bouncing and singing along. This, this is why live music will never die. Happy, happy, happy.

And, Jesus, such a nice crowd. No pushing, no shoving, no making five-foot-two rock chicks feel physically vulnerable. Apparently genial Canucks are a good influence on their fans?

Chad: Everyone get their hands in the air, I wanna see those devil horns!
salmon_man: If his next words are "Birmingham, do you wanna rock?", Imma laugh till I throw up...

Christ, I'll be paying for it tomorrow. Getting me to work is gonna take a gallon of Starbucks. I'm deaf, my hip joints are killing me, I have blisters on both feet, and I sound like I've been smoking 20 a day for decades. I'm too fucking old for this... The students are gonna love my tour shirt, though.

This time next week, I will be staggering home half-dead from seeing Slash. Yay me? *falls over*



Misha's happy news has been up on facebook all of 37 minutes and there are 6,000+ likes already. Welcome to Little Ms Vantoch-Collins!! (As yet unnamed, but it's bound to be something unusual). Born Tuesday.

Misha Vicki & Baby No2