You don't have to be pretty

27 March 1968
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If you've been added and you have no idea who I am, it probably means that I've either read and enjoyed your fanfic, or seen you commenting on somebody else's journal and found that you have interesting things to say. Feel free to friend me back or not, this journal is a permanent friending/unfriending amnesty zone. I won't make a scene, I swear.

I've been into slash fic on and off for a long time - it started with Darth Maul/Obi Wan crack!fic and Buffy/Faith femslash about a decade ago - and after a long hiatus I discovered the loveliness that is Dean/Castiel. I then started reading Wincest; I wasn't all that keen on J2 or RPS initially, although I would read it sometimes, depending on who'd written it. But Supernatural fandom is a *very* slippery slope, apparently, and now I'm absolutely fine with, uh, pretty much everything except mpreg. My RPS OTP is Jeff/Jensen (holy hell, the hawtness). Then there's NCIS Gibbs/DiNozzo (oh, the yummy power play inherent in *that* pairing!) and now Sherlock.

I'm as contrary in my fic preferences as I am in real life, so I'll read long or short, angsty or schmoopy, filthy or clean, happy or heartbreaking. Good writing style and grammar are admired and appreciated. The kink memes have recently been kicking my filth factor up a notch, and I was fairly kinky to begin with.

My fanfic obsession has been growing, to the point that lately I've been getting nothing else done. I'm not even trying to control it. Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!